Ansteorra Scribal News

Under the guidance of the Star Signet, the College of Scribes of Ansteorra has many purposes:

  • To provide original scrolls and charter awards for the Crown of Ansteorra
  • To encourage and recruit new scribes in the scribal arts.
  • To provide opportunities for instruction of the scribal arts to include calligraphy, illumination, limning, charter painting and other related paper and scribal arts.
  • To provide award insignia for the Crown of Ansteorra
  • To educate the populace on the creation and preparation of award insignia.
  • To assist the populace of Ansteorra who wish to commission original scrolls.
  • To provide opportunities for scribal display and competition at Ansteorran events.

For the novice beginning charter painter to the master scribe calligrapher and illumination, may these pages serve you as you pilgrimage down the path of a most colorful and illuminating adventure in Scribal Arts!

Scroll and Insignia Needs

Please note some changes in the updated site:
The GALLERIES section is still under reconstruction and will switch over at such time as the programming for that is done and the existing content added. These will include the Active Charter Gallery as well as the Original Works Gallery.

Request for Feedback and Content:
The FAQ: If there are questions you feel should be on the Frequently Asked Questions page and are not, please contact Star Signet so that they can be added to the page.
Alphabets!: If you have, in the past, designed an Ansteorran Charter that is currently on the Active Charters list, please take the time to sit down and write out an Alphabet for us (of at least the capitals) in the hand you used. That way we can post these as well, and provide them to people who are filling out scrolls.
Articles!: We need articles on many subjects, and I know that many of you have done fine classes. If you are willing to have your class handouts posted on the College page, please email them to Star Signet, along with a Publication Release Form. Also, we are in need of specific articles that go into more depth on the various aspects of Original Design (especially for Kingdom Charters, but for all Originals). If you are willing to write on these subjects, please contact Star Signet.