About the Artist:

  • Countess Sara Penrose (mka Kimberly Koch)
  • Barony of Stargate

About the Source:

  • Time period: c. 1200
  • Country: England
  • Modern source: Marks, Richard and Nigel Morgan. The Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting. George Braziller, NY. 1981. p. 41.
  • Historical Source: The Life of Saint Cuthbert. Fol. 26.

About the Scroll:

  • Type of scroll: Illuminated manuscript page
  • Date of Completion: August 1999
  • Paper: calfskin vellum
  • Ink: black India Rapidograph ink
  • Paint: Windsor Newton gouache
  • Dimensions: 5x7

Additional Notes: All of the gold in this piece was done with 23k gold leaf.