About the Artist:

  • Lady Lillias MacGuffin
  • Area: Province of Mooneschadowe

About the Source:

  • Country:
  • Time Period:
  • Specific Period or Modern sources (if any):
  • Inspiration / recipiants requests:: This scroll was inspired by the
    image from the "Grandes Chroniques" on page 28 of Illuminated
    Manuscripts .

About the Scroll:

  • Type of scroll: Archery
  • Scroll Recipient:
  • Date of Completion:
  • Paper:
  • Ink:
  • Paint:
  • Dimensions:
  • General Information: The colors are done in red, gold, and black (instead of the traditional blue) to reflect the colors found in the Shire's heraldry, as well as that of the heraldry for the Liondragon Guard. The Yeoman scroll's
    white work contains stylized bows, arrows, and targets, as well as diapered eclipses behind the capital.