About the Artist:

  • Name: Mistress Dyan du Lac Calendre (MKA Dyan Johnson)
  • Group: Shire of Rosenfeld

About the Source:

  • Country: Spain, Habsburg dynasty
  • Time Period: late 16th Century
  • Period source: Mira Calligraphaie Monumenta
  • Script: Original by Georg Bocskay, secretary to the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I (Ferdinand Habsburg), and in 1561 to 1562 he compiled the Model Book of Calligraphy. Joris Hoefnagel began illuminating the book around 1590 with flora and fauna, primarily from the garden of Rudolf II (Ferdinand’s Grandson).
  • Modern source: Laura Cerwinske, The Book of the Rose, Thames & Hudson 1992

About the Scroll:

  • Type of scroll: Kingdom Artisan
  • Scroll Recipient: Clara von Ulm
  • Date of Completion: Feb. 2006
  • Paper: Strathmore Bristol smooth
  • Ink: Higgins Black Magic Waterproof
  • Paint: Winsor & Newton Gouache
  • Dimensions: 9 x 12in.‘ish

Additional Notes: As Kingdom Artisan 2005, I wanted to offer a scroll for the next Artisan. Myself being from Rosenfeld, with favor for dragonflies & having never attempted a watercolor effect, this particular piece offered personal inspiration to see how well I could capture the shading as used on the original. A stippling/dry brushing technique was my best result for applying the shading.