About the Artists:

  • Illumination : Lady Lillias MacGuffin
  • Calligraphy: Mistress Gunhilda Amberstar
  • Group: Province of Mooneschadowe

About the Source:

  • Countries: England, Ireland
  • Time Period: 600-800 AD
  • Specific Period or Modern sources (if any): Several Hiberno-Saxon Manuscripts including The Trier Gospels, The Gospels of St. Chad, The Canterbury Codex Aureus, and the Canterbury Psalter. Plates located in Carl Nordenfalk's 'Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Painting.'

About the Scroll:

  • Type of scroll: Peerage - Order of the Laurel
  • Scroll Recipient: Her Excellency, Mistress Rhiannon Redwulf
  • Date of Completion: 5/29/2007. Presented at Northkeep's Castellan, evening court, June 2nd, by His Royal Majesty Romanius.
  • Paper: hot press watercolor
  • Ink:
  • Paint: guache
  • Dimensions: 16x20

Additional Notes: Detail Views available: Detail 1 | Detail 2
This image is a photograph of the original work, and some of the colors are not true to the original. Many of the elements in the scroll are based on the persona and education of the recipient: Rhiannon's corgi, Tegan, can be seen, as well as the harp which Rhiannon is extremely skilled in playing. A Mooneschadowe Liondragon and Rhiannon's device are additional personalizations of the scroll.