Full View: Section 1 (left)
Full View: Section 2 (center)
Full View: Section 3 (right)

About the Artist:

  • SCA Name: Lady Prudence the Curious
  • Mundane Name: Esther Scott
  • Branch: Shire of Emerald Keep

About the Source:

  • Time period: created from 1477 to 1490
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Modern source: Illustrations 35, and bird pages throughout the book. The Master of Mary of Burgundy: A Book of Hours for Engelbert of Nassau. Introduction and Legends by J.J.G. Alexander. George Braziller: New York, New York. 1970. ISBN 0-8076-0578-6 (slipcased edition). ISBN 0-8076-1332-0 (jacketed edition).
  • Historical Source: The Master of Mary of Burgundy. Folio 40 and the bird pages throughout the manuscript.
  • Script: Generic Carolingia Miniscule, which is not right for the illustrations, but I was still learning general calligraphy in 1998.

About the Scroll:

  • Type of scroll: Court Baroncy (East Kingdom)
  • Scroll Recipient: Katherine Barr of Cumberland
  • Date of Completion: May 1998
  • Paper: Hot Pressed watercolor bloc
  • Ink: Winsor & Newton Ink – 951 – Black India Ink
  • Pen: Panache (Refillable Ink Cartridge) – with Extra-Fine Nib
  • Paint: Winsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylic Color
  • Dimensions: Oversized then cut down for the three panel effect

Additional Notes: This was my first multi-panel scroll from the Master of Mary of Burgundy. Being a calligrapher, I always want to do the all text pages. This allowed me to do some.