About the Artist:

  • SCA Name: Lady Prudence the Curious
  • Mundane Name: Esther Scott
  • Branch: Shire of Emerald Keep

About the Source:

  • Time period: Between 800 and 1200 AD.
  • Country: Microcalligraphy from the Jewish tradition
  • Modern source: (1) A SCA class on Microcalligraphy offered (mumble) years ago, pre-1995. Still have the class … somewhere. (2) Examples of microcalligraphy can be found in: The Leningrad Codex: A Facsimile Edition. Editor David Noel Freedman. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company: Grand Rapids, MI. 1998. ISBN: 09-04-10854-8. (In publication – list cost $255.00)
  • Historical Source: None used for this scroll
  • Script: Generic Celtic Script

About the Scroll:

  • Type of scroll: Wedding Scroll (Mundane)
  • Scroll Recipient: Edward and Margaret
  • Date of Completion: October 1998
  • Paper: Hot pressed watercolor bloc
  • Ink: Winsor & Newton Ink – 951 – Black India Ink
  • Pen: Panache (Refillable Ink Cartridge) – with Extra-Fine Nib
  • Paint: Winsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylic Color
  • Dimensions: Oversized then cut into a square.

Additional Notes: I attended a class on microcalligraphy and had been wanting to try it ever since. I did not work this from a period source, but created a modern piece of artwork for two friends.

Detail View