About the Artists:


  • SCA Name: Lady Prudence the Curious
  • Mundane Name: Esther Scott
  • Branch: Shire of Emerald Keep


  • SCA Name: Lady Katarzyna Nicholaieva
  • Mundane Name: Aubrey Pham
  • Branch: Shire of Emerald Keep

About the Source:

  • Time period: circa 1530-1550
  • Country: Southern Netherlands, possibly Hainault
  • Modern source: Pages 144-145. Leaves of Gold: Manuscript Illumination from Philadelphia Collections. Edited by James R. Tanis. Philadelphia Museum of Art: Philadelphia, PA. 2001. ISBN 0-87633-145-2 (cloth: alk. Paper); ISBN 0-87633-144-4 (pbk: alk. Paper). As of September 2007, available through the Philadelphia Museum of Art website for $55.00.
  • Historical Source: Missal for Roman Use. Foilio 149
  • Script: Gothic Script inspired by the calligraphy on the original folio.

About the Scroll:

  • Type of scroll: Champion Scroll for Shire
  • Scroll Recipient: Lady Prudence the Curious
  • Date of Completion: May 2007
  • Paper: Winsor & Newton Artist’s Water Colour Paper – Hot Press
  • Ink: Winsor & Newton Ink – 951 – Black India Ink
  • Pen: Panache (Refillable Ink Cartridge) – with Extra-Fine Nib
  • Paint: Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache
  • Dimensions: 16 by 12 inches

Additional Notes: As with all the champion scrolls, Lady Prudence had forgotten that having Emerald Tourney in May instead of April like it was the previous year meant that Anno Societias year needed to be advanced by two instead of one. All of the scrolls needed a date change. This one is more obvious then most.