Ansteorra Scribal Galleries

Our new Scribal Gallery is still under construction. Artisans whose works have been transferred to the new galleries (or have their own galleries) will appear at the list at the top of this page. The old gallery links will remain up until transfers are completed.

Original Works of Scribes and Illuminators:

Alys Durivau

Carletta da Nicolosi

Cynric of Bedwyn

David of Skorragardr & Siobhan ingen Tigernaich

Ellen the Quiet

Hillary Rose Greenslade

Lillias MacGuffin

Jeremy James Scurlock

Nicolaea mac Fionndlaigh (Illumination) & Annais de Montgomerie (Calligraphy)

Nicolaea mac Fionndlaigh & Danielle de Marseilles

Prudence the Curious & Katarzyna Nicholaieva

Sara Penrose

Sara Penrose & Oriana Luisa della Francesca

Sara Penrose & Serena Lascelles

Suzanne de la Ferte

Aslyn Crystyn

Lilly's War Treaty

Steppes Warlord Scroll

Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio

Steppes Warlord Child's Champion Scroll

Ansteorra Kingdom Youth Champion Scroll

Steppes Warlord Queen of Love and Beauty

Ansteorran King's Champion

Sable Crane of Ansteorra

Coronation Invitation

Gunihilda Amberstar

Duchy : Jean-Richard Malcomson

County : His Grace, Jean-Richard Malcomson

Wedding invitation: Lady Lillias MacGuffin & Lord Ivo Blackhawk

Court Barony : Her Excellency, Katrionna MacLochlann

Baroness Oriana della Francesca
Antiphonary folio

Ansteorra's 25 Year Chivalric Tournament

Laurel Peerage: Sara Penrose

Pelican Peerage: Sieglinde Syr

The Adoration of the Magi

Suzanne Gabrielle Marie Beraud
Bjornsborg 'Lion's' art competition

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Award

Paternoster - added 08/12/07

2008 Elfsea Artisan - added 04/18/08

Nicolaea mac Fionndlaigh
2001 Namron Protectorate Premier Equestrian

2002 Namron Protectorate Bardic Champion

2003 Namron Protectorate Rapier Champion

2004 Namron Protectorate Equestrian Champion

2006 Namron Protectorate Award Scroll

Danielle de Marseilles
2005 Namron Protectorate Rapier Champion scroll

Lillias MacGuffin (Illumination) & Gunhilda Amberstar (Calligraphy)
Peerage: Her Excellency, Mistress Rhiannon Redwulf - added 08/12/07

County: Romanius Scipio Vesperanius - added 10/06/07

County: Deanna della Penna - added 10/06/07

Peerage: Mistress Gilyan Clonmacnoise- added 04/17/08

Dyan du Lac Calendre
Kingdom Artisan Scroll

Baronial Equestrian Champion

Baronial Youth Champion Artisan

Prudence the Curious
Award of Arms (East Kingdom) : Alric Wolfgang von Misinthin - added 10/06/07

Award of Arms (East Kingdom) : Glorianna of Clear Mountain - added 10/06/07

Bible Verse (personal work) - added 10/06/07

A&S Championship Scroll : Lady Katarzyna Nicholaieva - added 10/06/07

Award of Arms (East Kingdom) : Erica of the Crimson Nape- added 10/06/07

Award of Arms (East Kingdom) : Michel l’Espiègle - added 10/06/07

Award of Arms (East Kingdom) : Griffith Davison - added 10/06/07

Award of Arms (East Kingdom) : Joele de Valaere - added 10/06/07

Court Barony (East Kingdom) : Katherine Barr of Cumberland - added 10/06/07

Wedding Scroll (Mundane) - added 10/06/07