Grant of Arms Level Awards:
Centurion Insigia


Please Note: This section is a Work In Progress. It can only become a fully working "gallery" with the help of artisans willing to allow their work to be shown. All original artwork is property of and copyrighted to the artist, unless otherwise noted, and is used here with permission, and can be removed from this site by request. Please contact the web-admin to submit your work for inclusion in this library.


On an eagle displayed, wings inverted, a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable.




A ribbon Or, edged Gules charged with an Ansteorran star (a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable) worn as a garter, and/or the badge of the order displayed prominantly upon a red cloak.



Artist: Unknown
Technique: Unknown as to whether it's inkle loom or card weaving
Detail View: High resolution detail
Credits: Photos by Mistress Hillary Greenslade, published with permission.

Artist: Centurion Daire de Haya
Technique: Applique
Detail View: not available.
Credits: Photo by Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya, published with permission.
Notes: Modelled by the recipient, Centurion Angus MacKnochard

Artist: Mistress Stella Silvana
Technique: Applique
Detail View: Full body view
Notes: Modelled by the artist & recipient, Mistress Stella Silvana








Grant: White Scarf Star of Merit Iris of Merit Centurions Arc d'Or Golden Lance Court Barony  
Armigerous Sable Comet Compass Rose Sable Thistle Sable Crane Sable Talon King's Gauntlet Queen's Glove  
Non-Armigerous Sable Falcon Rising Star Queen's Rapier Sable Garland King's Archer Golden Bridle Lions of Ansteorra Order of the Rose

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