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Court Baronial

Name: CB-01
Calligraphy: Margaret Pearce
Illumination: Margaret Pearce
Source Material: Salsbury Psalter and Book of Hours, Edinburgh, NLS, Advocates, a copy of which is found on page 128 of Illuminated Manuscripts, Giulia Bologna, Widenfield & Nicholson, NY, 1988.

Artist Unknown

Artist: Siobhan ingen Tigernaich of Namron

Artist: Milady Anne atte Rydeforde of Loch Soilleir
Detail View of Versal

Recommendations: This page is late 14th century English, though it is also influenced by French and Italian work of the period. The original had dark red and dark blue vines/leaves, like cadmium red deep and ultramarine, with white highlights on the vines/leaves. The background behind the vines/leaves may be painted metallic gold or left blank. If you want to paint the vine/leaves green, a permanant green dark with yellow highlights would be appropriate. The area behind the versal may be painted a solid color, metallic gold, or diapered.

Name: CB-02
Calligraphy: Lasair ni Fhionnualann
Illumination: Lasair ni Fhionnualann
Source Material: The Visconti Hours, plate LF 85 by Millard Meiss and Edith Kirsch, George Braziller, 1972.

Artist: Lillias MacGuffin of the Province of Mooneschadowe

Artist: Katarzyna Nikolaieva from Emerald Keep
Detail View

Artist: Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah
Detail View


Recommendations: The original colors are gold, vermillion, shell pink to rose madder and rose malmaison, permanant green light and very light cobalt pale, with a darker shade of each color and white being used for shading/detailing.

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