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The Sable Falcon

Name: SF-01
Calligraphy: Darius of the Bells & Ceinwen ferch Rhuel
Illumination: Darius of the Bells & Ceinwen ferch Rhuel
Source Material: Book of Kells, 8/9th C Celtich (Irish/Ionic)


Name: SF-02
Calligraphy: Stella Silvana
Illumination: Stella Silvana
Source Material: The Book of Kells - Thames & Hudson, 1980, page 27.

Artist: Lady Prudence the Curious of the Shire of Emerald Keep

Recommendations: The original colors are a pale green, tan, and pale blue with yellow predominating. Possible colors are winsor emerald, raw sienna/yellow ochre, cobalt blue pale and cadmium primrose yellow. As the falcon in this charter is meant to reflect the yellow and black insignia of the award, it would be appropriate to paint it shades of yelllow. Metallic gold was NOT used. Red dots may be added outside the falcon and the larger R at the bottom. Darker hatching marks of the same color used may be used on the feathers of the wings and body. Please see the examples on the scroll.

Name: SF-03
Calligraphy: Colin O'Neal & Sara Penrose
Illumination: Colin O'Neal & Sara Penrose
Source Material: Based on the "Romans" of Jean de Mandeville, 14c.

Detail View

By Countess Sara Penrose, OL

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by By Lady Siobhan inghean ui Dhomnaill of Northkeep
Recommendations: In the original manuscript, the vines are white outlined with blue ink. Most of the leaves and buds are red or blue with the occaisional gold-leaf leaf for variety. The "K" is red with white or gold decoration. The background is gold-leaf. The bar below the K is red with white blossoms; you can use any simple repeating motif. The knight can be painted in the heraldry of the award recipient if appropriate. the falcon, of course, should be black and gold. You might want to add a black 'cap' on the falcon's head. His beak, feet and chest are yellow. Eye is red. After painting the rest black, you may want to lightly put in a grayish highlight to emphasize marking on the wings, etc.
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