Ansteorra Scribal News

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The Charter Library is under "Charters and Scrolls". This section also includes design information for scrolls.

Under the guidance of the Star Signet, the College of Scribes of Ansteorra has many purposes:

  • To provide original scrolls and charter awards for the Crown of Ansteorra
  • To encourage and recruit new scribes in the scribal arts.
  • To provide opportunities for instruction of the scribal arts to include calligraphy, illumination, limning, charter painting and other related paper and scribal arts.
  • To provide award insignia for the Crown of Ansteorra
  • To educate the populace on the creation and preparation of award insignia.
  • To assist the populace of Ansteorra who wish to commission original scrolls.
  • To provide opportunities for scribal display and competition at Ansteorran events.

New charters are in the making. If you are interested in creating a new Kingdom Charter, let's talk! - Devin Phelan O'Donnabhain

Scroll and Insignia Needs